Is singing a distraction?


In Wayne’s World, the driver and passengers don’t just sing. They give a performance to end all performances. Whether directly or indirectly, this movie identified a cultural phenomenon which, just a few years ago, produced the reality television show called Motormouth. This depended on “friends” provoking their friends to sing along to their favorite songs while driving.

It’s conventional wisdom to treat everything connected with technology as a distraction and to dismiss many of the other activities as just part of a driver’s life, e.g. eating or drinking while behind the wheel. Yet the reality is rather different. Anything that takes the driver’s mind off the activity of driving is potentially dangerous. That would include group sing-alongs to anthems we know and love. There’s a new study confirming singing out loud as the most popular way of passing the time on the road. About 56% of drivers admitted doing it with 65% of the respondents being women. It’s also an age thing with 61% of drivers under the age of 35 “guilty”. When it comes to deciding which of the non-driving activities should formally be included in the list for prosecution, perhaps singing should be high on the list.

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