If in doubt, take a picture


In Britain, the public are being encouraged to use their cellphones to take pictures whenever they see a motorcyclist riding dangerously. The patience of the police has been exhausted by too many complaints of dangerous riding without evidence. It’s impossible to put surveillance cameras everywhere. So now the public are being actively encouraged to submit the evidence. An example of this comes from central England with a young man caught riding his cycle on a public park and recreation ground with swings for use by children. There were families out trying to enjoy the sunshine when this young man rode around them. The police have made it clear they do not care who supplies the evidence so long as it clearly shows the rider and the registration plate of the motorcycle. There’s just one problem. The prosecution can go through seamlessly if the rider pleads guilty. But if the rider disputes any aspect of the charges, he’s entitled to due process. That means the person who took the pictures must be prepared to attend court to give evidence. Obviously, that deters may from making the report.

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