How secure are cars?


There were two headlines competing for our attention over the weekend. JP Morgan confirmed that it had been hacked and data affecting about 76 million households had been compromised. It’s also suggested a further number of banks and financial institutions were infiltrated from the JP Morgan servers. This was a major “success” for the hacking community. The second headline was Tesla announcing it was soon to launch new versions of its electric vehicle that would make self-driving vehicles more real. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recognised, hackers capable of breaking into our banking system are equally capable of breaking into the systems that power our vehicles. The difference, however, is critical. If our credit card details are compromised, all we lose is money. If the car’s control systems are compromised, we could be dead. Malicious hackers could simply cause chaos by stalling vehicles on all the major junctions in a city, or they could engage in activities we would expect of terrorists, causing random deaths just because they can. Naturally, the NHTSA is worried and is working with motor manufacturers to produce a set of security guidelines. Hopefully, we will be protected.

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