Google Glass goes on trial


In October, Cecilia Abadie was pulled over for what was supposed to be a routine stop for an alleged speeding offense in California. Unfortunately the California Highway Patrol Officer saw the woman was wearing one of the Google Glass devices out on test — there are 10,000 explorers who are “road testing” the device — and decided this was a distraction to the driver. A ticket followed using a law usually applied when the driver is watching a television or other monitor for displaying moving images.

Ms Abadie has now formally entered not guilty pleas and is electing for trial. There’s no doubt that, sooner or later, wearable technology is going to be mainstream and, at present, there are no laws which are keeping pace with the development of this technology. Interestingly, the law-makers in Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia have introduced bills that would, if passed, specifically ban the use of Google Glass while driving. Pending swift action from the California legislature, it’s going to fall to the courts to set a precedent for the use of this type of technology. If a binding precedent emerges to ban Google Glass while driving, this will have a damping effect on potential sales but may keep the roads safer.

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