GM CEO Mary Barra admits errors


There’s an old adage that when you’re in a pit, it’s better to stop digging and start looking for a way to climb out. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, has begin that process as an introduction to announcing three new recalls. So not content with having hidden the problem of faulty ignition switches for years with a few or large number of deaths depending on who you listen to, the total number of additional vehicles to be recalled is 1.5 million — more than 3 million overall.

Marra Barra said the new recalls come out of an internal review into performance. She apologized for the failure to “catch” the ignition switches. The new recalls cover airbag wiring and brake parts in full-sized vans, crossover utility vehicles, and luxury sedans. It seems there have been two reports of fires in the engine compartment although this has not been a cause of accidents or injuries. No matter whether the adverse publicity is justified (some suggest it’s more aggressive because some news outlets disapprove the government bailout), this mea culpa could help reduce the criticism and help repair GM’s reputation.

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