How to Get Mock Car Insurance Quotes Online Now

How to Get Mock Car Insurance Quotes Online

Let’s face it, car insurance is one thing we all need but hope we’ll never have to use. And with insurance premiums on the rise, trying to find the best deal can be a daunting task. However, mock insurance quotes are a great way to compare deals from different companies without dealing with them directly. Keep reading to discover the benefits of using mock insurance quotes, and some tips to avoid paying more than you should.

Protecting your Personal Info

These days, we’re all becoming increasingly wary of sharing our personal info online. That’s where getting a mock insurance quote comes in handy. You can get a pretty accurate idea of how much you’ll be shelling out for insurance without providing private data to companies who you will probably not end up getting a policy with.

The information insurance companies require for a quote can include: Date of birth, address, employment, marital status, license details, social security number, driving history… and the list goes on. On the other hand, a mock insurance quote will require far less personal information.
Of course, the only caveat is that your mock quote will be less accurate than if you get a real one directly from the insurance company. But it can still be worth it, especially if you’re just shopping around.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

Mock insurance quotes are also useful if you are in the market for a car and want to know how much insurance will set you back for a particular model. After all, you usually only need to know the make, model, and year of manufacture to get an idea of how much that car will cost to insure.
This could save you a lot of frustration later on, especially if it means dodging a bullet in terms of getting a huge premium after you’ve already bought your car. Using a mock insurance quote beforehand can help take the sting out of paying for the car and everything that comes with it — tax, repairs, etc.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal

Now that we’ve seen how mock insurance quotes can benefit you, let’s look at ways you can lower your premium. You would be surprised at the extent of which small details can raise or lower your insurance quote.

Rewording Your Job Title

A good example of this is your job title. Insurance companies need to take your area of employment into account to calculate the potential risk of your commute, for example. However, it has been found that making a slight change to your job title — such as changing ‘administrator’ to ‘manager’ — can get you a lower insurance quote.

Being Honest

It can be tempting to gloss over unsavoury details or ‘forget’ about an incident you had on the road in the hopes of getting a good quote, but being dishonest to your insurance company can end up costing you big time. If they find out you’ve provided false information, they can raise your premium, or just refuse to insure you altogether. You could even be denied a claim in an accident or end up paying a hefty fine.


As long as you’re upfront about your driving history and relevant information, a mock car insurance quote can be a great tool in helping you navigate the different insurance companies and policies out there so you don’t end up paying more than you need to.

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