Electric vehicles are not the same


There are times when official bodies open their mouths and the words emerging into the public space make a type of sense, but don’t quite have the effect the bodies expected. So here we go with the ultimate statement of the obvious. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has now gone on the record. It’s official government policy when it comes to setting the rules and regulations for safety. The risks associated with electric cars are not the same as those created by gas-powered cars.

What has prompted this profound insight? It seems the NHTSA has reached this conclusion after examining the Tesla Model S. There have been two recent fires when debris from the road was thrown up under vehicles and punctured the batteries. Fires would never occur if debris from the road punctured the gas tank or the fuel line. Some owners have also reported the plugs got hot while they were recharging their cars. Wow! Now that really is a difference. Plugging a gas-powered vehicle into the electric supply is not recommended. So there you have it. You might have thought electric vehicles were the same with four wheels and an engine, but they really are very different animals.

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