Drunken drivers in Los Angeles beware


Under normal circumstances, law enforcement officers are extremely patient with offenders. Yes, these law-breakers may be a source of great frustration and annoyance, but the lot of the police officer is to accept it all with a smile. Except in Los Angeles, of course. This Friday saw a chase lasting just a little over an hour in downtown Los Angeles. There were representatives from the LA police, the sheriff’s department and the California Highway Patrol. At various times, they were all in pursuit of a Corvette being driven dangerously. In the end, the car crashed at the intersection of Los Angeles Street and Olympic Boulevard. When the driver staggered out of the car, the law enforcement officers shot him dead.

Of course there’s no information from the three different law enforcement agencies involved in the chase to explain quite why it was felt necessary to shoot the injured man. It’s entirely possible he emerged from the wreckage of his car brandishing several guns and a rifle, leaving the officers with no choice. Hopefully there will be video evidence from all the police vehicles and the helicopter providing eyes in the sky to show the shooting was justified.

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