Drunk driving programs coming to a college near you


Such is the epidemic of teens killing themselves on the roads, the education establishment is stepping into the breach to help their students “Arrive Alive”. Now a cynical observer seeing this headline and the title of the course might think this an ideal course to attend. These educators are going to fill up your glass, show you what it feels like to be an incompetent driver, and then show you how you can still drive well enough to arrive at your destination in one piece. Unfortunately, the course offered by the awareness group Unite’s Arrive Alive Tour is less fun, but determined to get the right message across. The team has a simulator that can demonstrate what it’s like either to be over the limit or distracted. The intention is to show students the dangers and probable serious consequences of drunk or distracted driving. It will be interesting to see whether the accident statistics show an improvement tracking where the tour lands. Ideas like this should be monitored to judge whether they are good value for money. If statistics show no change in driving behavior, a different education experience may be better.

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