Driving Schools in Utah

The system in Utah for gaining your license as a teenager includes the Graduated Licensing system of the state. These programs were mandated nationally to lower the incident of fatal accidents among young drivers the highest rate of any age group. Although at just 16 years old in Utah you can get a limited license that allows you to drive alone.

Under 21 Licenses

Learner Permit, 15 years old

At 15 years old you can apply for a Learner Permit in Utah that only allows you to drive with a licensed and approved adult, driving instructor and parent or guardian. To obtain the license simply schedule an appointment or walk into your local driver’s license office and have the following items. If you are under 17 years old, a parent or guardian must be present to sign for financial responsibility for you. You will also be required to pass a 50 question written test, vision test and complete a medical questionnaire. You must also provide residency and citizen documentation and have the $15 fee.

Upon passing the tests your photo will be taken and you will receive your Learner Permit allowing you to drive in Utah during the day and only with a licensed driver. Upon getting your Learner Permit, only then are you able to take a driver’s education course and complete your behind the wheel requirements including 40 total hours of which 10 hours must be at night.

Restricted License, 16 years old

At 16 years old, if you have held your Learner Permit for at least 6 months, you can apply for a Full License that is limited. To obtain this restricted Full License, you must have completed a driver’s education course, taken the online Traffic Safety and Trends exam, scheduled an appointment or walk into a licensing office in your area and complete and pass a driver skills test. You will also need a parent or guardian to sign the application. You will again be required to pass an eye exam. A parent or guardian will also be needed to sign off that you have completed the 40 hour behind the wheel experience requirement.

Under 17 years old with this license you can drive unaccompanied except during the night time hours of 12am and 5am. During these hours under 17 years old you may only drive with a licensed adult driver. At 16 with a restricted full license you may also drive during these times if you are travelling to or from work, school or farming activities under permission from your parent or guardian. You may also not carry any passenger that is not an immediate family member until six months after this license is issued or accompanied by an adult licensed driver.

Unrestricted Full License, 18 years old

Upon turning 18 years old, your license will convert to a regular full license without any restrictions.

Adult Drivers & Out of State

If you are 19 or older in Utah you will no longer be required to take a driver’s education course, but will be required to hold a Learner Permit for 90 days before taking the state road skills test that enables a full unrestricted regular license. Simply visit a driver’s licensing office with the proper residency and citizenship documentation, pass a written and vision test to receive your Learner Permit and return in 90 days to complete and pass the road skills test for a full license.

If you move to Utah with a valid license from another US state you should convert to a Utah license as soon as possible, simply by visiting a licensing office in your area, turn in your out of state valid license and receive a new Utah license. You will need to pass a vision test, written test and possibly a road skills test, but will not be required to hold a Learner Permit for 90 days.

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