Driving Schools in Oregon

Oregon’s graduated drivers licensing program like most other states is meant to combat teenager auto fatalities that plagued the US before GDLs were made mandatory. Oregon’s behind the wheel driving component is the highest of all states, making their teenager drivers possibly the most road qualified drivers in their age bracket.

Under 18

Learner Permit, 15 years old

The process in Oregon starts at 15 years old with an Application for Driving Privileges with a parent or guardian’s approval. This application is for a Learners Permit that allows the driver only to drive with another licensed driver that is over 21 years old. You will need proof of enrolment in school, proof of residency in Oregon and proof of identity as well as a requirement to pass a vision and written knowledge exam. There is also a nominal permit fee.

The behind the wheel requirement at this stage, before applying for a provisional license is to complete a minimum of 100 hours of logged and supervised driving. This can be reduced to 50 hours of supervised and logged driving if you also take an accredited and approved driver’s education course. This requirement works out to about 2 hours of supervised driving per week for a year.

Provisional License, 16 years old

Although you only need to have a Learner Permit for 6 months before applying for the Provisional License, you cannot apply for the Provisional License until you are 16 years old. You also need to complete 100 behind the wheel hours of supervised driving or 50 hours and a certificate from an accredited driving education course. You will also be required to possess a driver’s education completion certificate or further be required to complete a driving skills road test. You may be asked to prove your identity and residency so have these documents available as well.

If you pass the road skills test, if necessary, you will need to surrender your Learner Permit in exchange for a Provisional License and pay a nominal fee. With this license you are allowed to drive alone with the following restrictions.

For the first six months with this license you are restricted from driving at night between 12am to 5am unless for work or school purposes or with a licensed 21 year old. You are also prohibited from driving with passengers under 20 years old, unless they are immediate family members.

For the second six months you are still prohibited from carrying more than 3 passengers under the age of 20 years old unless they are immediate family members. You will still be prohibited from night time driving except for work, school or when driving with a licensed adult over 25 years old.

Full License, 17 years old

If you have held a Provisional License for 1 year without any traffic violations or infractions, you will receive an unrestricted license in the mail. You have gone through the GDL program; you will also receive a full license once you turn 18 years old if you have not held a Provisional License for a full year.

Adult Drivers & Out of State

If you are over 18 years old, you will need to pass the vision, knowledge and road skills test and provide proof of insurance, identity and residency in order to receive a full unrestricted license in Oregon. You will need to visit a DMV in person to take the tests and book a road skills test, after which you will receive a full license.

If you are “officially” a resident of the state of Oregon, by moving into the state, spending more than 6 months in the state or another criteria you will be required to apply for an Oregon Driver’s license. If you have a valid and current driver’s license from another state, you will need to take a vision test, pay a fee and provide documentation in order to receive an Oregon license. If you do not have a valid license from another state you will be subject to Oregon’s adult or GDL licensing programs.

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