Driving Schools in Oklahoma

Oklahoma requires a graduated licensing program for all driver’s under the age of 18, like all 50 US states. Part of the reason is the inherent risk for young drivers as 25% of all teenage drivers under 18 are involved in a motor vehicle accident or receive a moving violation every year. These statistics are what prompted a GDL system.

18 & Younger

Learner Permit, 15 & ½ years old

If you sign up for a certified driver education program in Oklahoma, you can get a Learner Permit at the age of 15 and a half, otherwise you will have to wait until 16 years old to get a Learner Permit. With or without the driver education you must still pass a vision exam and written test in order to receive a Learner Permit in the state. This permit only grants the bearer to drive when accompanied by a licensed driver 21 years old or older seated in the front passenger seat. During the Learner Permit phase the driver must complete 50 hours of behind the wheel training including 10 hours of night time driving.

Driver education in the state includes any public high school driver’s education course, a driving course certified by the Department of Public Safety       at private, public, parochial or commercial institutions and even a parent-taught education course that has been certified by the DPS.

Intermediate License, 16 years old

The Intermediate license can only be obtained after having had your Learner Permit for a minimum of 6 months, completed the required 50 hours of behind the wheel driving, have had no traffic violations and scheduled and passed a driver skills exam. This license is available to those with or without a driver education course, as long as the applicant has held a Learner Permit for at least six months. This means those that take a driver’s education course in Oklahoma can get their Learner and Intermediate license earlier than those that do not take a course by six months.

With an intermediate license you can drive alone between 5am and 10pm and at night in relation to work, school or church activities. At night you can also drive for other activities if accompanied by a licensed driver 21 years old or older. Passengers are restricted to one passenger when not with a driver over 21 years old, or the residents within the same home as the license holder.

Full License, 16 ½ years old

For those that have taken a driver’s education course this license is available at 16 ½ years old, once you have held an Intermediate license for a minimum of 6 months. Drivers without a certified driver’s education course will need to hold their Intermediate License for at least a year before gaining their Unrestricted license, at 17 years old at the earliest. No convictions for traffic violations can appear on your driver’s license in order to graduate to an unrestricted license. This license is a full driver’s license with no restrictions on driving times or passengers.

Adult Drivers & Out of State

For those 18 and over, you simply need obtain a Learner Permit by passing the vision and knowledge exam and scheduling a driver skills test in order to obtain your Unrestricted License. If you fail the written test, you must wait 1 day before retaking the test. The driver skills test can be taken daily within the first 30 days after the first attempt if you fail. After a third failure, the test can only be taken every 30 days thereafter.

For those new to Oklahoma, as long as your driver’s license is valid in your originating state, then you will only need to pass the vision test. If it has expired you will need to pass the knowledge and road skills tests as well.

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