Driving schools in Alaska

The number of driving schools in Alaska is relatively small given the small population and the rules for rural drivers set out below. Nevertheless, in a large state, they offer a vital service, bridging between the Division of Motor Vehicles and the general population. Hence most of the larger schools offer both commercial and noncommercial training, plus motorcycles, and have been approved as third party testing centers to administer the road tests and the written knowledge tests.

Because most areas do not have local DMV offices, a significant amount of responsibility falls on the shoulders of these privately owned driving schools. As compensation for this additional work, they all charge fees. So before you sign up for a course or a test, ensure you have a clear idea of what the fees are.

Instruction permits for urban teens

Anyone can apply for this permit once they have reached the age of fourteen and it’s valid for two years. It can only be renewed once. This is not necessary for rural drivers but young drivers are encouraged to practice with an adult in the car.

Who can get a driver’s license?

Although the majority of people live in the few cities, Alaska has more small rural communities than any other state. Because many of these people live in remote areas, it’s a real challenge to find work. Since many job opportunities require applicants to be able to drive, the rules for rural driving offer more liberal approach. In part this is necessary because many areas do not have their own DMV office. The DMV therefore issues “Off-Highway” licenses to allow identified individuals to drive in specific communities. This does not allow driving on the public roads, but is restricted to all the roads not connected to the highways. All that’s required is passing a written test and proving good eyesight. To have the restriction removed, you must go through the skills test at a DMV center or run by a third party testing provider such as a driving school.

In urban areas, you must be at least sixteen and have held a valid driving permit for at least six months. The application must be approved by your parent or legal guardian until you are eighteen.

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