Driving in Google Glass is a distracting experience


Well, it was only a matter of time. Up to now, the police have pulled over drivers who were shaving or applying make-up, eating a Big Mac or using their smartphones to text. This week sees the first ticket issued for a driver wearing Google Glass. Cecilia Abadie was speeding. The alert officer stopped her and then noticed the source of potential distraction. It was a defining moment. Minutes later, a shocked Ms Abadie posted a copy of the ticket on Google+.

To be clear, California and many other states have laws which could apply to Google Glass. For example, the Californian law is intended to stop people from watching television while driving. The only exceptions are listed in the law, namely to support navigation using a GPS system, for giving a better view of blind spots, and so on. Indeed, Google itself warns drivers of the risk of using the technology while driving. The question for the courts would be whether Google Glass can be used to give the driver turn-by-turn directions. Hopefully Ms Abadie will fight the case and we can have a precedent for the future.

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