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Someone somewhere once said, “Small is beautiful.” Perhaps in the case of the cellphone which started off its life the size of a brick, this is true. But in other parts of life, there may be problems. As in driving on a public road, for example. Take two people. Let’s put one in a substantial truck and the other in one of these smaller cars so popular among midgets and dwarves in Europe. Because the truck is heavier and has its bumper at a different height, it’s likely to smashRead More
Driving under the influence is a colossal problem in America and, depressingly, it shows no sign of disappearing any time soon. There was a period of optimism in the 1990’s when the number of DUI-related incidents was steadily decreasing but, unfortunately, now there’s a sharp upward trend. There are many theories why this change may be occurring, from the lack of hard hitting campaigns to an epidemic of binge drinking, but the most important thing to consider is how this problem can be tackled. Hard hitting statistics. The statistics whenRead More
Just as states talk to manufacturers to persuade them to design safer vehicles, they also want to encourage individual drivers to be more careful. In a perfect society, everyone would see the benefit of driving well. They would all pay special attention during lessons and be extra careful until they were experienced. More generally, states shouldn’t need laws. Everyone should just do the right thing because that’s what their conscience tells them is right. Well, you all know that doesn’t work. That’s why there are more laws than you knowRead More
To get a clear view of this subject, here’s a simplified explanation. As a matter of public policy, federal and state governments have an interest in making the roads safer. For their own commercial reasons, insurers want to reduce the amount they have to pay out for repairs and personal injuries, so want the vehicles easier to repair and safer for the driver and passengers. Let’s start off with the government’s role in a little more detail. The way the state’s set up depends on a balance of power. ThereRead More