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2014 Ford Edge Sport
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) continues to turn up the heat on the auto industry. The agency will be watching automakers closely, Automotive News said early today, as it tries to curtail safety snafus such as the enormous General Motors ignition switch fiasco last year. NHTSA announced its intention in the report “NHTSA’s Path Forward.” NHTSA said it was increasing the number and frequency of industry audits. Automakers also will face tougher requests for data from regulators. NHTSA also indicated that it would meet with automakers early inRead More
Mark Rosekind
Following weeks of hinting, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced this week it would be taking action on long-stalled auto recalls. The recalls that have piqued the interest of the agency are one that involves the gas tanks of 1.56 million older Jeeps and the continuing Takata airbag crisis. The Jeep recall began in 2013 and ended last year. However, the agency may reopen it. The other recall is the continuing Takata airbag fiasco that involves 17 million U.S. vehicles and as many as 25 million overseas. TheRead More
Ford SuperCrew Pickup NHTSA Test
With the release of the first crash tests on the new aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 SuperCrew pickup, it seems as if the Dearborn-based automaker made the right decision. According to thecarconnection.com, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the Ford F-150 SuperCrew has passed its initial crash tests with flying colors. The tests were held in February at the agency’s test facilities. The SuperCrew model features a full-sized cab with seating for five to six, depending on the front seat choices. With two buckets seats, the SuperCrew can seat five andRead More
The U.S. Senate approved a new administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration following a yearlong wait. Mark Rosekind, whose nomination to head the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been held up for a year, was approved as administrator late Tuesday by the U.S. Senate. Rosekind, according to Automotive News, takes over a troubled agency which has been involved with “lapses” in its safety oversight function as record numbers of vehicles have been recalled and it has been dealing with the fallout of Takata’s refusal to expand itsRead More

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Drunk driving as teens

It’s sometimes useful to compare what happens in other countries to give us a sense of perspective on our own systems. When we see how other countries react to problems, we can ask whether we should be doing the same. Take Britain as an example. They have set seventeen as the magic age at which young people can apply for a permit to drive. To get a full driver’s license, a young person must pass a theory test and then a practical test. Despite this later arrival on the road,Read More

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Why is selling direct a bad thing?

One of the most interesting games in the capitalist town is the notion of vertical integration or direct selling. If we start very small scale, one shop may operate as a bakery, and sell its bread and cakes to the local population. So the cost to the buyer is the cost of raw materials, labor, general overheads and a profit margin. Now let’s make this a larger operation. The bakery expands its production capacity and can make enough bread and cakes to supply five shops in the city. Although there’sRead More
Every night, people sit in restaurants and bars drinking alcohol. At some point they do a quick introspection. Do they think themselves fit to drive home? In most cases, they answer the question positively, The more drunk the potential driver, the more confident he or she feels about being able to get home safely. But what starts off as a good time having a meal and a drink can quickly turn into a nightmare. The statistics show someone is killed in a crash involving alcohol every fifty-one minutes. On itsRead More
Now America has struggled past the Polar Vortex and summer has arrived, the other side of the climate change phenomenon is upon us. Yes, it’s getting hot. In some parts, it’s getting really hot. So this is the right time to remind parents and caregivers that one of the leading causes of death among children is heatstroke. To understand the scale of the problem, here are a few facts: • children overheat five times faster than adults; • if a child is overheating, he or she does not sweat althoughRead More
With a price tag of $1,500, Google Glass is not exactly aiming at the mass market. Presumably as it completes its beta stage testing and the software is tweaked, the finished product will have a more accessible retail price. But this is not the only wearable technology in the pipeline. There are already so-called smart watches and others are working on integrating hardware devices into clothing and accessories. The problem for lawmakers is to decide what controls, if any, are needed to maintain a reasonable level of safety on ourRead More
One of the ways in which corporations try to show you their business is doing well is to release the sales figures. Even though the profit may be poor, a rise in the number of units sold always encourages investors the business model is sound and the company will soon be declaring dividends. You only have to look at Amazon to see this philosophy in action. It consistently boasts the volume of sales exceeds expectations and that the resulting revenue is invested in the development of new products and services.Read More