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Posted On May 20, 2013By adminIn What's the news?

Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race 2013

This year’s Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race was run over ten laps on the 1.97-mile street circuit at Long Beach, California in April. All the drivers were given identical 210-horsepower Scion FR-S race cars so, with the cars evenly matched, it all came down to driving skills. The race turned into a dog fight between Rutledge Wood (the presenter for Top Gear USA) and Mark Steines who hosts Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel. Forced to wait 24 seconds before starting, the Pros were unable to make up the ground againstRead More

Posted On May 19, 2013By adminIn What's the news?

Savage driving results in a fine

This is Fred Savage back in 1989 when he was famous for The Wonder Years. Such a fine upstanding young man and, of course, far too young to drive himself. No doubt there were people paid to drive him wherever he wanted to go. And in the same spirit of hands-off driving, this week brings us news that the grown up version of the star was picked up talking on his cellphone while driving. This is what happens to stars when they are no longer working in a hit series.Read More

Posted On May 18, 2013By adminIn What's the news?

More trouble for Justin Bieber

This young man seems to have developed a real talent for upsetting people of late. First of all he annoys a lot of his fans during the recent concert tour. Then there’s his lack of respect for local laws. In Dubai he seems to have been a little late getting to sing at one of his concerts. Perhaps surprisingly, the band can’t start without him. So he picked up six speeding tickets while driving a Lamborghini Aventador. The local police also report trying to persuade him to stop, but soRead More

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The gates are faster than the car

Kanye West is the proud owner of a black matte Lamborghini Aventador. It’s probably worth about $750,000 plus loose change so you would expect everything about this engineering masterpiece to be handled with absolute care. Even breathing in the presence of this marvel should be done through a mask. You will therefore be surprised to learn that, after the tender loving care of a session at the local garage, it suffered a mild collision when being delivered to the home of Kim Kardashian. You have to picture the scene. TheRead More