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Child Safety Seats
SafeCar.info is providing you with easily digestible wrap-ups of car safety news weekly in a quick synopsis of the major stories dealing with car safety issues. Find out the latest recalls, scandals, safety improvements or concerns quickly and easily right here. New Safety Technologies are Confounding Buyers If you have purchased a new car recently, even standard models, you often come across technologies that most Americans are not used to, including blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, auto braking features and lane departure warnings that. Although there is proof thatRead More
Speed Camera
When looking for news on car safety, Safecar.info is your best resource. From white papers on insurance costs to a state by state breakdown of insurance, accident guide, driver’s education and licensing and general car safety tips, we provide you quality and up to date information. Nissan Xterra Discontinued due to Safety Regulations The car that single-handedly saved the Japanese automaker from the wrecking yards, is itself fated for the scrap heap. The Nissan Xterra, debuted in 1999 as a new SUV that had some quirky features that many loved.Read More
National Child Passenger Safety Week
Bringing you the news that matter in Car Safety is a priority. Be aware of the issues that matter to you, your health and your loved ones in connection to vehicle safety. From scandals, recalls and events, this column gives you a weekly wrap up of the most pressing news issues of the last week. VW Emissions Scandal grows With a scandal that is very much still in the news with the head of the automaker stepping down, many of its chiefs of technology being benched pending review and investigationRead More
Frankfurt International Auto Show 2015
Safecar.org will be giving you latest car industry news surrounding safety issues around the world in a weekly wrap up, published the beginning of the week. With this inaugural wrap up, there are some large stories across the globe in automotive news. Without further ado; let’s move on to the biggest stories. VW admits to scamming the public on emissions rigging VW self-admittedly reports that 11 million vehicles worldwide have software that is rigged to evade government safety standards testing. What is so auspicious about this story is the wide-scaleRead More
Samsung Safety Truck
Ever been stuck between a large tractor trailer truck on a single-lane highway? It’s the same unfortunate story for many a driver. The winding road and the size of the truck make passing the truck dangerous, yet the tedium of driving behind the truck drives a lot of people crazy; until now. Samsung Delivers Safety The new design from Samsung offers a great way to keep driver’s safer while attempting to pass or overtake these large vehicles. The technology includes a camera on the front of the truck and aRead More
Safety here at SafeCar.info is paramount to help Americans, young and old to brace new technology and traditional wisdom to increase their driving awareness. The fact that Volkswagen is putting a range of its top safety features, from its premium Audi line-up on most of its models is not just good for them; it’s great for vehicle safety across the industry. The Beetle gets Armor Premium safety features found on the A4 and A6 and other Audi have been implemented on most other Volkswagen models for 2016. Volkswagen, the world’sRead More
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Honda, the automaker that has felt the greatest impact of the airbag inflator saga, continues to take hits as it checks vehicles built in 2000 and 2001 to determine whether it used ARC airbag inflators in its products. According to Bloomberg News, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received two reports regarding incidents regarding ARC Automotive airbag inflators. One report involved a 2009 Chrysler minivan and the other involved a 2004 Kia Optima. Though there was only the pair of reports, the agency believed the severity of the incidentsRead More
Infographic - Deaths in Hot Cars
You may be surprised to learn how many children die as a result of being forgotten inside a car during hot summer months. What you may be even more surprised to learn is that hot car deaths are recorded for every single month in the US, except for January over the period of record keeping 1998-2015. Since 1998, there have been 636 heatstroke deaths of children by being left in a vehicle. Learn the key facts so you do not add to these terrible statistics. Cold Hard Facts Most parentsRead More
Takata Corporation
With the number of vehicles affected by the Takata airbag recalls reaching 50 million around the world, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released the final listing of vehicles affected the faulty airbag crisis. According to the agency, 88 car lines have been impacted by the airbags that explode with too much force. In turn, the inflator housings are shattered by the blast and the metal shards from the broken devices are sent scything through the interior of the vehicles, sometimes with deadly effect. To date, eight victimsRead More
Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Conference and Exhibition

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Insurance Telematics USA 2015

TU-Automotive: North America’s Leading Insurers Head to Chicago as Connected Car Motor Insurance Shifts up a Gear May 20 2015: Executives from North America’s leading insurance companies will head to Chicago this (September 2-3) for the Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Conference and Exhibition. This will be the 5th annual event in which the ecosystem for the connected car and motor insurance converge. The connected car is gaining more traction with automakers. So much so that nearly all new vehicles have some iteration of a connected offering in the vehicle. ThisRead More