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If you’re going to enter into a binding legal contract, the question is whether you should read it before you sign on the dotted line. Except, in itself, the question really makes no sense. Why would anyone sign up to a contract unless they knew exactly what the terms were? It makes no sense that people would trust to luck, particularly when they are paying real money. Except that’s what everyone does when they go into a store to buy an expensive refrigerator or into a car showroom to buyRead More

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Who can drive a self-driving car?

Well as you can see from the photograph above, the future is here today for autonomous vehicles. GPS navigation technology has been working in cars for some years and is more or less universally accepted. The promise is you will be able to get into a car, dial a destination, go to sleep, and wake up when the car delivers you to your destination. Google has been working tirelessly to test the self-drive technology, and since the project began in 2010, the test vehicles have managed to complete more thanRead More
Everyone knows that the basis for calculating the car insurance rates is the insurer’s estimate you are likely to make a claim. If you are a grandmother or drive like one, the odds are you will pay a very low premium rate. But if you show your dedication to car safety is not great, the rate will rise. It’s obvious that getting into an accident and making a claim is going to trigger a review. In an at-fault state, the theory says that the party to blame pays all theRead More

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New York clamps down on RelayRides

The New York State Department of Financial Services has taken action against the peer-to-peer RelayRides. Perhaps this should not come as a surprise because the investigation into the car-sharing service and Hudson Insurance Company has been rumbling on for a while. When you look at the advertising, it all sounds so simple. Say you drive into work every day, your expensive asset sits unused. Yet all around you are people who would pay to rent your vehicle for a few hours. So this enterprising company offers to put the ownerRead More

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What’s auto insurance all about?

The easiest way to understand the answer to this is to start off with an image to put you in the mood. As you can see, two cars that are old enough to know better have decided to get better acquainted but without taking any of the usual precautions. The result is a lot of damage and no satisfaction as they are pulled apart. This leaves it to the humans to literally pick up the pieces and try to “put things right”. The general law relevant to this situation isRead More