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If you were to open your newspaper, turn on the television, or find a news flash in your computer or smartphone announcing more than a hundred dead in a highway crash, or a train accident or an airplane landing, you would be shocked. But the slow drip of news items reporting one death at a time on local roads goes by unnoticed. Without something to make the news more important to you, say because you know the family, you rarely respond with any change in your own behavior. This isRead More
Consistently, surveys have found Americans want to support their own industries. They have grown weary of seeing jobs outsourced. They want their money to keep local jobs in local factories. So ignore all the other factors like some men wanting their car to make them appear sexy and attractive to young women, people want to buy American. This is patriotism expressed through the use of buying power. Except what does buying American mean? Let’s consider the possible criteria: • the manufacturer is an American company; • the make and modelRead More
All manufacturers play games with the formal news media and the bloggers who are out to collect the definitive scoop of what the next model is going to look like. As you can see from the partial reveal, the manufacturer plays the strip tease so that alert photographers can take a few pictures. At a different time, a different part of the model will be unveiled. Devoted fans can then piece together all the different shots to get their first overview of the next model in the Cooper S seriesRead More
With the economy still going through a rough time, everyone is looking for ways to save money and most people drive. So here comes the big question. Some say you only get the best long-term performance from your vehicle if you “take care of it”, i.e. spend money on maintenance and repairs. Others say cutting back on maintenance is a great place to start. Modern manufacturers now build to last and offer warranties for thousands of miles. Vehicles no longer need TLC to keep them going. So who’s right? TheRead More
The picture above shows the 2014 Chevy Silverado and demonstrates GM’s commitment to keep up with Ford. See review: GM is also upgrading the Sierra full-size pickup, hoping to build on total truck sales in 2012 of about 575,000 vehicles. Why do GM need to up its game? Because last year, Ford sold about 645,000 F-Series trucks. For a review of the Platinum F250 Superduty: Why do both manufacturers care about this section of the market? There are two reasons. Let’s start with the profit margin. They make about $10,000Read More
In some ways, the motor manufacturers have made a rod for their own backs. In the good old days, the vehicle would sit in the showroom and be sold “as is”. If you were lucky, you got a radio. Now, of course, high technology has arrived on the scene. It seems consumers will not even think about buying a vehicle today unless it has an amazing entertainment center built in, it has satellite navigation, and voice recognition systems to give you hands-free driving — well, that would be swell. There’sRead More
Fifty years ago, manufacturers were not quite so interested in promoting their brands. They aimed to build a good product and would rely more on word of mouth to spread the news of quality. So the idea of a production car being rebuilt as a “racing car” was ground-breaking. There was this mass market product, perhaps a little revolutionary in design with its front-wheel drive and the engine mounted transversely, but essentially a car for public roads. The original idea was to provide the maximum fuel efficiency. The price ofRead More
Over the years, society has grown quite skilled at noticing anything out of the ordinary which includes deciding when an individual looks suspicious. We worry when we see someone lurking in the shadows or moving in an odd way. We remain calm and confident when we see people going about their business in broad daylight. If they feel they have nothing to hide, there’s no reason for us to worry, is there? Stealing in plain sight Sometimes the key to pulling off a criminal act is to be as obviousRead More
There’s one fact common to incompetent people. Almost without exception, none of the recognize just how stupid they are. That’s why so many of them are caught when they decide to try breaking the law. Unfortunately, with most makes and models now more difficult to steal, the amateur thieves are deterred but the professionals continue to drive even the best protected away. So long as the theft rate remains high, comprehensive car insurance rates can’t fall. So while we wait for car safety technologies to beat the car thieves, hereRead More
In the good old days, it was quite easy to steal cars. All it took was a screwdriver to force very basic locks and a knife to cut wires. As design and technology have improved, stealing a car today requires more skill. Except owners still prove very helpful by leaving their vehicles unlocked with the keys inside. The more responsible owners can earn discounts on the car insurance rates by buying new models with anti-theft installed and parking their cars off the road at night. That said, many car theftsRead More