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There’s one of these unshakeable truths when people say statistics never lie. Except, of course, figures can always be manipulated to get the results we want or just for the sake of it (trolls can be found in every trade or profession). However, since so much money rides on it, the evidence that women are safer drivers than men seems fairly unshakeable. If this were not the case, car insurance rates would be higher for women drivers. Continuing this theme, one of the tasks performed by government is to collectRead More

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ARTBA warns of crisis

It all seems so easy. We walk out of our home, get into the family car, and away we go. We take it for granted there will be a physical road to take us where we want to go. If there’s an obstruction like a river, the idea of going around never enters our head. We simply aim for where we know the bridge will be and, as by magic, we arrive where we want to go. At least that’s how the driving experience goes today. But not, perhaps, forRead More
It may be a statement of the obvious, but if the world is suffering from pollution caused by too many vehicles on the road, we should all leave our vehicles at home, and use bicycles. Not only will be all get fitter and bring the obesity crisis under control. We will also save the planet. Two big pluses (or three). There’s just one problem with this grand plan. The majority of people prefer the convenience of their own private transport. With mass selfishness to fight against, promoting the use ofRead More
It does not matter whether the car of the future is going to fly or run along a type of track set in the road, the key problem is the nature of the fuel it burns to produce motion. Needless to say, today’s manufacturers cannot agree and are placing their bets on different fuels and different technologies to exploit it. In all this, the most interesting fact is that none of the manufacturers are prepared to write off the gas-burning engine. They all agree it’s going to be around forRead More
Whenever you look at the marketing copy on the new makes and models, the content highlighted is always the latest improvements in technology. Engines now produce more power for less fuel. Onboard technology now improves braking performance and stabilizes the vehicle in adverse conditions. Words like “safety” and “green” are prominent as the sellers look for the right buttons to push in persuading us to buy. If you were to go round all the latest auto shows, you might be surprised to see just how much technology is moving fromRead More
It used to be just taxes and death that were certain. Now it’s certain your next car insurance quotes will be higher. When it comes to the cost of comprehensive coverage, one of the key factors is the risk your prized vehicle will be stolen. Here’s a fact that should make you sit up and take notice. In America, a vehicle is stolen every forty-four seconds. As we come into spring, the thieves are readying themselves for the big push in July and August when the number of thefts peaks.Read More
When the smog refused to clear in Paris and slowly built up to dangerous levels, the French felt they had to do something. Their answer was the odd/even license plate bans. On Monday, only odd-numbered license plates are allowed in the city. On Tuesday, only even-numbered plates are allowed, and so on. Unfortunately for the French, all the evidence shows this approach does not work. We can say this because there are license plate programs in place in Athens, Beijing, and Mexico City and their pollution levels have not droppedRead More
There are several ways in which you can approach the task of solving potential problems. Assuming you decide not to ignore it, the most positive is called the precautionary principle. At its simplest level, this looks at all the things that could go wrong, it ranks them in terms of probability, and then puts precautionary measures in place to deal with the most severe risks. Depending on the budget available, this can produce the most effective safeguards for people potentially at risk. Of course, the moment you mention spending moneyRead More
All the emergency services should require their drivers to go through professionally run courses to teach them how to drive more safely at speed. Does this mean they will actually be safer? Sadly, no. No matter how well trained a driver, the risks of an accident increase dramatically the higher the speed traveled. This is because no matter how good the reaction times of the driver, he or she is always dependent on the reactions of the other road users. So even though the driver may be an expert onRead More
New Dodge Challenger 2014

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Depreciation is the big killer

Unless you bought a collectible, every asset you buy is likely to depreciate (that’s not counting your home which, over time, has tended to hold its value). In part, this is because of the sales tax you pay. That’s just part of the price you have to pay to get ownership. After that unhappy moment, the secondhand value varies in line with supply and demand. Take a book as an example. If the print run was in the thousands, you will be able to buy a used copy for aRead More