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This is an unusual time. As well as fighting in Afghanistan and basing troops in other parts of the world, America is also fighting in the Climate Wars. This is the increasingly bitter conflict over whether the science of climate change is right and, if it is, what the world should do about it. Another way of putting this is that a group of concerned scientists are running around shouting, “The sky is falling!” and another group of skeptics deny there’s anything wrong with the sky. Since many involved inRead More
It sounds like one of those jobs it would be cool to do. Manufacturers give you their latest models and all you do is aim them at a concrete barrier, set the wheels in motion, and film the resulting crashes. Except it probably grows a little repetitive since every crash has to be set up in exactly the same way so the comparisons of performance can be reliable. Hmm. Perhaps wrecking cars for a living wouldn’t be all that much fun after all. Why do the testing anyway? It’s remarkableRead More
Shevrolet Stingray
Whenever you buy a vehicle, you’re investing in a compromise between the look and feel of the finished package and the engineering that makes movement possible. In career terms, there’s a distinction made between the engineers and the designers. Although both jobs now depend on the use of powerful software, there’s a difference between someone who crunches the numbers and makes decisions about how the mechanical side will work, and the individual who decides what the working vehicle will look like. Except this distinction has been blurred by the scienceRead More

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Stamp out this selfie menace

We’re starting off with two completely unrelated piece of information (as if). In classical Greek mythology, there was this cool dude called Narcissus. He was one of the first real celebrities. As one of the best hunters, he was not only a dead-shot with the bow, he was also drop-down gorgeous. It was said women would faint away on catching sight of him. Needless to say, this made him rather proud of his appearance. As was his nature, Nemesis decided to test him so lured Narcissus to a pool ofRead More