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We don’t mind and you don’t matter

Google started the ball rolling and now manufacturers have been announcing their own plans for self-driving vehicles. The universal assumption behind all these initiatives seems to be that the introduction of this technology will be trouble-free and produce such immediate benefits; we will all wonder how we managed before. As an example, General Motors has just announced that in 2017, two of its Cadillacs will enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication to warn the drivers of potential crash situations and give the drivers the option to allow the car to drive it inRead More

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Should America protect its women?

Ignoring the question whether the genetics work in a way that’s fair, the physical reality is that women are smaller and less strong than men. So if a man attacks a woman, it’s an unequal contest and, in general, the man will win the contest. In other countries, this inequality is recognized and governments have acted to put proper measures in place to offer protection. For example, Brazilian, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, and Taiwanese men were systematically groping women on their local train systems. The train and subway companies haveRead More

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I see you

When you look at the current designs for vehicles, one of the developing features is the presence of an increasing number of cameras. Let’s start with the highest profile change. As from 2018, the law will mandate every vehicle sold in the US to have a rear camera. There have been too many stories about caring parents running over their children as they back out of the garage for this simple change not to be made. As it stands, there’s a big blind spot behind vehicles and with children beingRead More

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Top Gear driver talks

There’s a program on British television called Top Gear — it’s sold around the world so you may have seen it on PBS or one of the cable channels. It specializes in talking about every type of vehicle on (or off) the road and, in sometimes not a very pleasant way, making fun of the vehicles or those who drive them. One of the people featured goes under the house name of Stig. Several people have held this position including Ben Collins. These people always drive like idiots, but hideRead More
To understand the problem, we need to go back in time to early England. Like all states, they had a crime problem and not that many people employed to catch the criminals. So the lawmakers of the day slowly began to increase the penalties. They hoped to deter people through the fear of what would happen to them if they were caught. But the problem was most thinking criminals did not believe they would be caught so increasing the punishment did not deter them. At first, only the most seriousRead More

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World’s Safest Family Cars

While many of us take safety on the road for granted, the reality is that automobile production companies put lots of time and effort into ensuring your car keeps you safe on the road (often without you even realizing). When looking for a family car, safety should be any buyer’s primary concern. Safety for the driver is as important as safety for all passengers. Interior safety, exterior safety, responsiveness, and reactivity are all major concerns. Many awards exist for car safety in the automobile industry, but none are as prestigiousRead More

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Where’s General Motors now?

This year has seen an unprecedented series of assaults on the reputation of General Motors. While it’s not unusual for a large manufacturer to experience some difficulties, GM has been through the fire over the last six months. Because the news has been emerging on a piecemeal basis, it’s appropriate to step back for a moment and take an overview to see where the company now stands both commercially and legally. Let’s take the last set of trade figures. Given all the adverse publicity showing how unsafe many of theirRead More

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Learning to drive

Go back to the time the Boomers were learning to drive and it was all very hands-on. To keep the peace, long-suffering parents gave into demands they teach their kids to drive. In practice, this meant the brave or foolhardy sat in the passenger seat while their children scared them. Those who lacked the moral fiber, paid for their children to have lessons. There were few barriers to gaining a driver’s license. The people who administered the tests would sometimes remember to add the odd theory question. Driving round theRead More

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Is there a wrong way?

When children begin playing with toys, they quickly realize the application of Newton’s Law — that action and reaction is equal and opposite. So if they run into each other, they are both likely to fall over. If there’s sufficient force in the collision, a visit with the nice doctors at the local ER may be required. It should be obvious to everyone that driving on the wrong side of the road, is not going to end well. Yet some states are discovering a significant increase in the number ofRead More

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How much do crashes cost us?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been busy data-mining. It has been analyzing all the data of crashes during 2010 to provide some understanding of the total cost to America. To remind you, in 2010: • 32,999 people were killed (25% of these crashes were not reported to the police which is alarming); • 3.9 million people were injured; • 24 million vehicles were damaged. Now the temptation is to think purely of the individuals injured and their families, but the reality of the effects is more widespread. ToRead More