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Convertible baby car seats

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Car Safety Seats – Laptop

One of the more confusing – and frustrating – parts of preparing for your new baby is finding the right car seat. It is much more than just driving to a store, finding a seat, handing the clerk your plastic and walking out to your vehicle with your purchase. Because a car seat is carrying such an important passenger, you have to make sure that the device is not only safe and meets your needs but that it will also fit your infant and that it can be installed correctly.Read More
After an 89-year run, the illustrious name of Chrysler is no more. Today, the automaker’s parent Fiat officially changed its name to FCA US LLC. Eighty-nine years after it emerged from the ashes of the Maxwell Motor Co., Chrysler Corporation is no more. Just this morning, the automaker, part of Fiat since 2009 when the Italian car company was allowed to buy a stake in Chrysler as part of the bailout plans for the then-troubled US auto manufacturer, officially changed its name to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC or FCARead More

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Land Rover Peeved by Blatant Evoque Ripoff

China has gained notoriety over the last 30 years for its blatant disregard of video game copyright. Now it has moved on to copying cars. Land Rover is seething over a Chinese automaker’s blatant copying and planned production of the British carmaker’s popular Range Rover Evoque. Introduced in 2012, the Range Rover Evoque made its debut as the burgeoning crossover market began to explode. Range Rover Evoque is based on a Volvo-designed platform. Equipped with Rover’s latest traction system, Active Driveline, the Range Rover Evoque is powered by a two-liter,Read More
Researchers find that voice-controlled or menu-driven devices create a new type of distracted driving issue. If you haven’t heard of inattention blindness, don’t worry, it’s unlikely you have ever run across it before as you aren’t in the business of automotive safety. Inattention blindness is an example of a new and more deadly class of automotive safety issues that can be put under the heading of cognitive distractions. Inattention blindness is a phenomenon that can cause a person engaged in a mentally demanding task to fail to notice something happeningRead More
What price the right to drive?

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What price the right to drive?

When Henry Ford began to mass produce the Model T, this began the myth that every American citizen had a right to drive. The basis of the myth was that the state had paid for the roads and the retail price for a new vehicle grew so low almost everyone could afford one. The only real cost was forced on to drivers by the financial responsibility laws which required people choosing to drive to have enough money to pay medical expenses for those injured or repairs for property damaged. GivenRead More

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Is Here a real advance?

Back in the good old days when Nokia was a cool brand, it came up with a connected vehicle solution which it proudly called the Nokia Here. Now the brand has lost its appeal and smartphone sales are in decline, the product continues to develop but it’s just called Here. It was launched in 2013, and competes with Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. However, after more than a year in the market, the motor manufacturers seem to be voting with their feet. The display of new vehicles at the ParisRead More
Led by Chevrolet, the first major automaker to have Wi-Fi in its models, the Internet is shaping up as the next big driving distraction. Chevrolet, the first major auto manufacturer to have Wi-Fi capability across its range of 2015 models, may be on the verge of offering the next big driving distraction, the Internet. Why would the automaker offer what may be the next big auto safety issue? Quite frankly, it represents an easy source of profit for Chevy. So, rather than recognizing that Wi-Fi may just be a featureRead More
Consumer Reports, the leading consumer magazine, looked at its 2014 tests and found five models that were hits and three that were misses in 2014. The editors of Consumer Reports recently sat down and went through their vehicle evaluations to determine their hits and misses for 2014. According to the magazine, the auto staff evaluated more than 50 vehicles in their test series. They testers were thoroughly impressed by five vehicles and weren’t nearly as happy with three. Here is the way Consumer Reports saw them: Acura MDX Restyled forRead More
If you listen to Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber, the message is that they are a wonderful development for everyone wants to move from Point A to Point B within all our major cities. Yes, these new services are competition with the existing taxi services, but our great nation has always accepted that competition is inevitably good for the economy and the best for consumers. In a free market economy, competition brings down prices while guaranteeing the highest possible level of efficiency for the consumer. What’s not to like? Well, here’sRead More

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Gas consumption is down

This week, President Obama has yet again emphasized the need the break our dependence of fossil fuels. No matter what you think of the question of global warming, no one doubts the link between vehicle emissions and air quality. So if you want to be able to see across the road without your eyes watering, you want the design of vehicles to change. Less fuel is good for the air. Cleaner air is good for our lungs. We and our children benefit. So here comes the news we should allRead More