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High school seniors are busy applying to colleges. Some of them want to stay close to home. And still others see college as a great opportunity to get away from home. There’s a lot to be said for putting some distance between yourself and your high school friends and family. Going away to college gives you the chance to escape your local reputation and reinvent yourself. It gives you the chance to be more autonomous, less dependent on your parents. Going to college out of state may give you aRead More
Child car seat install

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How To Install a Baby Car Seat

Until 2002, installing a baby car seat was a somewhat complicated procedure. In 2002, LATCHES appeared making installations much easier. Until 2002 installing a baby car seat was a somewhat complicated procedure as you had to rely solely on the car’s seatbelt system to secure the seat in the vehicle. In 2002, though, the LATCHES (latches, anchors and tethers for children) system. This system not only standardized car-seat installation but also made installations easier, provided you followed the steps exactly. What happens if you don’t follow the installation steps asRead More
Auto Industry Trends
Are you in the market for a new car in 2016 and wonder what to look out for? Even if you are just an interested part about how the auto industry will fare in 2016 knowing that the experts are predicting a slew of challenges, changes and issues can help you with important decisions. Below are the trends expected to make an impact on the industry this year. Technology & Safety If you thought your vehicle was laden with gadgets before, the development of the Internet of Things and furtherRead More

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Ride Sharing Services Explained

The future of transportation looks to be an amazing place, from magnetic intercontinental travelling pods to autonomous self-driving Google cars that offer free rides. However, at this point in time all of those options are still in the future and the fight at the moment is between ride sharing services like Uber and traditional modes like yellow and black cabs (taxis). By now you have probably heard of Uber and its merry band of drivers as they have expanded to 220 countries worldwide and continue their expansion even when theyRead More
Ford F150 Lite Aluminum-Alloy Body
Vehicle manufacturers are always looking for a way to cut costs, increase fuel economies and essentially woo buyers with interesting gimmicks, whether real or imagined. These gimmicks are often just marketing spin, while at other times the gimmick turns into a real world advantage and increased sales. The recent foray into aluminum bodies for vehicles is drawing sharp rhetoric and opinions from every aisle, but which ones should you believe? Ford F150 Lite The company that truly started it all was Ford with the production of an all-aluminum body overRead More
Car Hacking
Although it sounds like a Hollywood movie, this cybersecurity threat just became real. Carjacking just received an entirely new scenario, one that has been proven and caused the first-ever recall of cars in the US because of cybersecurity. Imagine driving on an Interstate Highway at 55+ miles an hour and suddenly your brakes are engaged; this nightmare is real. Too often technology outstrips our ability to control or understand it in a free-market economy, this example is poignant in the extreme. First Ever Remote Car Hack Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)Read More
Ford Fusion
It has been quite a week at the Ford Motor Co. In the last seven days, the automaker has added more than 700,000 vehicles to its ongoing door latch recall, while opening new probes into three other problems. The latter three campaigns brought the total number of vehicles recalled by the number two domestic automaker to nearly 1.3 million. Interestingly, the increased recall action occurred during the week that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Administrator Mark Rosekind was in Detroit meeting with automakers and touring facilities. Rosekind flew toRead More
A new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that most teen crashes involve driving distractions. Perhaps the greatest danger faced by teen drivers is distracted driving. According to a new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAAFTS), distractions play a role in 60 percent of all teen crashes. Even more dramatically, distractions play a role in 11 percent of all teen fatalities. Peter Kissinger, president and CEO of AAAFTS, was emphatic when he comment that the study “provides indisputable evidence that teen drivers areRead More
Ford will unveil the two-model Interceptor line Saturday at the Chicago Auto Show. The two models are based on the Taurus (a sedan) and the Explorer (an SUV). As the auto show calendar starts to wind down, there are still two major shows ahead, the Chicago exhibition and the Los Angeles car show. The Chicago show marks the end of the 2015 debut cycle while Los Angeles marks the beginning of 2016. At both shows, the auto industry shows off its newest wares. The Chicago Auto Show kicks off Saturday.Read More
future car concept

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On the Road to the Future

One often sees concept cars being criticized for being too conservative in design, playing it too safe, sticking to the tried and true. But how daring can prospective car designs realistically be, not just in terms of styling but with a view to technology, performance, and safety features? When it comes to imagining the car of the future, will we ever catch up with the authors of pulp science fiction and Hollywood’s flights of fancy? Flights of the imagination We’ve seen futuristic conceptions of automobiles since there have been automobiles.Read More