Car Insurance in Utah

You may be surprised to learn that although Utah is one of the dozen or so states with No Fault Car Insurance it in fact is the 11th least expensive state for car insurance and the 4th lowest state for uninsured drivers. It is mandatory for drivers in Utah to get not only Liability but personal injury protection as well.

Lowest Cost No Fault System

Utah, is the lowest no fault insurance system state in the US and is one of the lowest period. Partly this is because the PIP portion of the no fault system is set fairly low and that the state has one of the lowest rates of uninsured drivers in the US.

You are required to carry $3,000 Personal Injury Protection coverage in the state. This first-party claim coverage means if that you are injured in an accident you must first exhaust this coverage before you can step outside the no fault insurance system. However with a PIP coverage set so low, only minor injuries will mostly be covered by this amount. With most other no fault systems this minimum is set higher. In Utah, like most other no fault states however, if you sustain a permanent disfigurement or permanent disability injury you can step outside the no fault coverage and recover expenses in a civil lawsuit.

You are also required to carry Liability coverage in the amounts of $25,000 for personal bodily injury for one person, $65,000 for multiple person injury accidents and $15,000 for property damage. This coverage is only for other parties in an accident and does not cover your own injuries or property damage.

Utah also requires every insurer to include Uninsured and Underinsured coverage on every policy although you can decline it in writing. With 5.8% uninsured drivers on the road in Utah, although it is one of the lowest rates in the country this still represents 1 in 18 accidents involving an uninsured driver approximately.

Optional Insurance

Of course as in any state you can get optional coverages or increase your mandatory minimums. Most experts advise at the very least to increase your minimum coverages to a level where they could actually cover the expenses in an accident. For Liability coverage this usually means $100k for injury, $300k for multiple injuries and $50k for property damage. For PIP you might want to get closer to $10k in insurance to cover minor accidental injuries.

Other insurances include towing and labor, comprehensive to protect against theft, fraud and weather calamities, collision to cover your own vehicle in an accident and rental car reimbursement.

Insurance Tracking

In Utah, the state takes insurance seriously and digitally monitors every driver’s insurance policy through Insure-Rite. If you are seen to cancel insurance and do not have another policy you will be notified by the DMV that you are without insurance with a registered vehicle and that you will need to show proof of insurance. You are also required to show proof during traffic stops by enforcement officers and if you are involved in an accident.

You could have your license suspended as well as your vehicle’s registration and pay up to a $400 fine for your first offense of not having proper insurance coverage.

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