Cameras everywhere?


As a result of problems encountered, the police in Ferguson are to wear body cameras. This should reduce the number of aggressive incidents on both sides, and begin the slow process of rebuilding trust in the community. Of course, this continues the trend of cameras spreading into every part of our lives. If you listen to the manufacturers, all Americans love cameras. It’s almost impossible to buy a phone these days without it having a camera fitted. The new fashion is to take selfies which can be uploaded to the internet so our friends can enjoy every second of our lives, just as if they were there with us. Now look at banks, shopping centers, parking lots, and everywhere else there may be crime. For our own safety, we’re told these cameras deter criminals. That they may infringe our privacy is a small price to pay for being safe. So why are there not cameras with license plate readers on every major road so we can catch all the uninsured drivers? If we want the police in Ferguson to wear cameras because one of their number shot a citizen, why do we not want to catch drivers who endanger the lives of others on our roads?

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