California issues driver’s licenses to everyone in the US


At the eleventh hour in the last session, the legislature in California passed AB60 which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. Although the GOP paint this as giving illegal immigrants a reward for breaking the law, this is to misunderstand the intention. When it comes to government traffic control through laws, the most important consideration is highway safety. If all drivers carry proper car insurance, everyone is better protected.

In passing this law, California is coming into line with nine other states which permit drivers the right to get a license and so get insurance. This means all immigrants go through approved driving courses and tests to ensure they reach a minimum level of competence. If drivers have licenses and are properly insured, the need to flee the scene of an accident is removed. Public safety is enhanced. All we now await is signature of the bill into law by Governor Jerry Brown. If this contributes to a more rational debate about immigration and prompts movement in Congress, that’s a double plus. Congratulations to the brave lawmakers of California.

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