Backdated Auto Insurance

Backdated Auto Insurance

Backdated auto insurance quotes can seem confusing when you’re trying to find the right coverage for your vehicle. Sometimes, the quotes can be a challenge when it comes to your budget, and sometimes you wonder if you’re overpaying for your insurance. Even if you have nothing beyond basic liability on your vehicle, which is the minimum that most states require to have a car or truck on the road, you may be dismayed to discover that those premiums probably won’t cover most injuries or damage that is incurred in an accident, and that your finances will be hit hard if you ever do find yourself involved in one. The best way to protect yourself from these kinds of circumstances is to understand what most car insurance quotes include, what you need to have on your policy, and how you can avoid paying out of pocket when an accident happens.

Proof of current insurance is required for any vehicle if it is on the road, and you can be heavily fined if you are caught driving uninsured. In some states, your car can even be impounded until you can show proof of insurance, and not only will you have to pay the fine, but in many cases, you are charged for the daily impound fee as well. Expenses like these can add up quickly, not to mention that you might be sued by the other driver for damages and medical bills, particularly if you were at fault. That’s why having car insurance is so vital—it protects not only you and your vehicle, but others as well if you should be distracted or something unexpected should happen that causes an accident.

The most inexpensive backdated auto insurance quotes are those that carry basic coverage, which is also known as liability. Liability covers others who were injured in the accident, (including pain and suffering,) and any court fees that might be incurred as well. Many car owners carry liability only on their vehicles and believe that this is enough coverage, but is does little to help with the damages that might happen to their vehicles or the injuries that an accident might cause them.

When you’re considering the cost of your coverage and car insurance quotes, you might want to consider adding collision to your policy. Although this will increase your premiums, it is well worth the cost if an accident should happen. Collision covers not only the damages to your car, but also any bodily injury, lost wages, and medical bills.

Liability covers none of these things, and if both you and the other party are hurt in the crash, you will not have any kind of protection for yourself or your vehicle, and if your car is totaled, you will have to pay for a new one out of pocket. While adding collision or any other kind of extra coverage to your car can be expensive, especially if you’re still paying car payments, it is vital protection for both you and your vehicle.