At last teens are being held liable for their behavior


It’s always frustrating when laws are on the statute book but prosecutors refuse to use them. This has always applied to passengers in a car driven by someone who’s drink. It’s always been an offense for them to allow their friend to drive drunk. But, for some obscure reason, it’s unusual for the passengers to be charged. This may be about to change in Connecticut.

Jane Modelesky crashed her SUV into a tree and was killed. Her blood alcohol concentration was three times the adult limit. Four teenagers had been driving with her and allowed her to drive on alone. Two seventeen-year-old young men have now been charged with reckless endangerment. They knew she was drunk. They were drivers. They could have driven her home. Half a mile after they left her alone, she killed herself.

This should be the beginning of a new campaign. Every person with a driver’s license who allows him or herself to be driven by a drunk driver should be at risk of prosecution from now on. The community should understand the risks and take action to keep the roads safe.

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