Arguments go up in smoke


When it comes to distracted driving which is rapidly being counted in a way that makes it seem increasingly dangerous, everyone focuses on the use of modern technology. The fact we all had radios to tune to different stations as we were driving along or cassette tapes to fiddle with is easily forgotten. As is the case with all these distracting people we carry around with us who insist of talking to us, pointing out exciting things to see outside the vehicle, and passing us pastrami on rye when we’re hungry. Well, in the same spirit as those states which ban drinking alcohol while driving and make it an offense to have an open container in the vehicle, let’s make it an offense to smoke while driving. First, it’s an activity that requires us to take at least one hand off the wheel when lighting up, and then lifting the white stick to the mouth, knocking off the ash into the tray, and so on. But perhaps more importantly, nicotine is a soft drug which produces a mild euphoria while increasing the heart rate, raising blood pressure, and slightly speeding up the respiration. Why is that not a distraction?

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