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What is Safecar.info?

For the last ten years, there’s been a shortage of magazines that cover road safety without there being an agenda. Many magazines have a mission. Their editorial policy is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths, or to promote a particular issues, e.g. to persuade people not to drink and drive. Other magazines are advertising platforms for particular services, products, and manufacturers.

This is a completely unaffiliated online magazine which focuses on road safety. There are no partnerships with leading companies in the motor or transport industries. All this magazine does is offer you information under the following headings:


This is absolutely up-to-date information but, unlike more conventional magazines, there’s no fixed boundary line between fact and opinion. If the editor comes across a story that he believes should be highlighted, you get the straight facts but with a comment or two at the end.


Although the facts are checked and accurate, the point of pieces clearly marked “opinion” is to amuse or make you think about the issues.


Like it or not, the world is very political so these articles look at what our politicians and lawmakers are saying and doing when it comes to safety on our roads.


Every state has financial responsibility laws. If you drive on our roads, you are required to buy insurance. All these articles therefore look at the current state of the car insurance industry, and offer advice and guidance.


Everything you need to know about how to drive and arrive in one piece.

Who edits Safecar.info?

For years, David Marshall combined working as a professor in a well-known university and work as an attorney. Now he brings his expertise to editing this online magazine.

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