Women show how it should be done


Ignoring the distinction between biological sex and gender, society has gotten into the habit of labeling some jobs are more suitable for women than men, and vice versa. So, for example, despite the need for physical strength to turn and lift patients, women are considered better nurses than men. Similarly, when it comes to the 18-wheeler big rigs that carry goods from one end of our highway system to the other, men are considered better drivers. This may have been true twenty years ago before automatic transmissions and power-assisted steering came along. Now that a driver can turn the wheel with one finger, the requirement of physical strength is no longer relevant. It all comes down to which sex provides the better drivers. The answer in part is coming from this week’s National Truck Driving Championships which are held in Pittsburgh. This year, eleven of the women with years of professional driving experience between them are competing for the top awards. The courses are laid out inside the L Lawrence Convention Center and are an objective test of skills. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is if all these women are well-placed in or win the competition.

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