WInter is a’coming in


We may be only two weeks into November but the Indiana Department of Transportation is swinging into action. It may not have snowed yet but temperatures are already down to the mid to low 50s. Those in these northern reaches can soon expect frosts. Black ice can form in the early mornings. “Precipitation” will soon begin.

This is the time everyone facing the reality of snow and ice should do their final preparations for winter’s arrival. This starts with checking the tire treads for best grip, and ensuring the battery is still sound. Windshield wiper blades need to be replace if worn and deicing fluid levels should be topped up. Drivers should also pack an in-car emergency kit with warm clothing, blankets, food, water and a phone charger. Thinking ahead helps keep you and your family safe should there be an accident or breakdown and you need to survive while help is coming.

That said, the rest all is down to you driving safely. That means slowing down and avoiding sudden braking, i.e. keeping a safe distance behind other driver. Remember having a four-wheel drive does not mean you have immunity from a crash.

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