Which is the state with the highest cost for driving?


There are lies and then damn lies when it comes to the analysis of statistics and the publication of the results. In this case, a new survey looks at the cost of buying and driving a vehicle in each of the states on the union. The average cost for all states was $3,201 with the costs seen to be rising steadily year on year.

The factors taken into account are the cost of:

  • fuel, i.e. gas, diesel, CNG, etc. — people in larger states tend to drive more miles;
  • insurance;
  • maintenance and repair;
  • taxes and fees — for example, Oregon has no sales tax.

This is the top five with costs average across all the major makes and models of vehicle:

Georgia – $4,233
California – $3,966
Wyoming – $3,938
Rhode Island – $3,913

The lowest five states are:

Oregon – $2,204
Alaska – $2,227
South Dakota – $2,343
Montana – $2,660
Indiana – $2,698
Nevada – $3,886

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