Two drivers in Michigan shoot and ill each other


Usually when two drivers pull into the parking lot of a car-wash, they expect the application of soap and water. But on Wednesday, this was like going back in time to the OK Coral. This pair of drivers had had a disagreement on the road. Their rage knew no bounds. Both were armed. There was only one way to settle their dispute.

Witnesses of the earlier incident on a Michigan M-66 highway report Robert Taylor and James Pullam cutting in and out of traffic. Pullam was carrying both his wife and mother. No one was injured while they were driving. When they stopped at the junction of the M-66 and Steele Street, they didn’t wait for niceties. Both men exploded from their cars firing. Seconds later, both were dead.

This is sad. Both men were liked in the local community. For them to kill each other in this way is senseless. Yet, of course, these minor incidents are no reason to even think of changing the law on owning and carrying guns in a public place. If two men get angry and decide to kill each other, that’s just the way life is in modern America.

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