Too little law enforcement in Albany


In 2010, Hayley and Diego’s law in Albany was intended to protect cyclists and pedestrians from careless driving. As the law then stood, drivers in New York were only help criminally accountable if the injuries they caused were serious. Unfortunately that law has been ignored so Mayor Bill De Blasio wants to shake up the NYPD and force the issue of tickets on a routine basis.

According to his Vision Zero program, any driver who injures a cyclist or pedestrian should be charged with careless driving even though the issuing officer did not actually witness the accident. The statements from those injured and any independent witnesses should be taken as sufficient probable cause.

This is as it should be. No police force, particularly in a major city, should be able to decide not to enforce a law. It does not matter whether the crime is “minor”, the law is there to be enforced. It’s a politicians job to lead from the front when it comes to making the streets a safe place for all road users and pedestrians. Safety should be the highest priority and drivers are not entitled to a free pass.

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