The revenge of the electric car


As always, some news stories come with just the right amount of humor and this fits the bill. Here we have a Tesla Model S, a green car by virtue of its reliance on electricity as the power source. Just plug it in and, some time later, off you go. As you can see from the picture, the source of the power has no effect on the ability of the driver. Yes, people can crash a car whether it’s powered by a liquid, a gas or a current. So this driver decided to take off across the grassy knoll and hit a utility pole in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Obviously the electric car and the power pole were attracted to each other at first glance. There was just one problem. When the pole fell into the Tesla’s arms, it caused a blackout in the surrounding area for several hours. It seems the car went to earth. Anyway, the human driver who was of the female persuasion said she was fiddling with the radio when the accident happened and could shed no light on it. She’s been charged with DUI and having no sense of humor.

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