The police in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania crack down on aggressive driving


PADEEP is the Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project and, in the last weeks of September, there’s going to be a serious commitment of police resources to reduce the level of aggressive driving on Route 8, Carson Street and other major routes.

The police have been analyzing the crash statistics for the city and have identified a number of areas in which aggressive driving has been responsible for an above-average number of traffic accidents. Police are therefore to be stationed at key intersections and along nominated stretches of road. They will be looking for drivers who run red lights and are speeding, tailgating or driving in other ways likely to make crashes more likely. The intention is to send a very strong message to drivers in the city. If you don’t improve the standard of your driving, this two-week crackdown will become a permanent feature of the roads. Given the cost to the city and car insurance companies, a clear move has to be made to enforce the traffic laws. With better highway safety, emergency services and hospitals are under less pressure, there are fewer hours lost at work, and auto insurance rates stabilize.

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