The military is going green!


Green? Not you understand in the effects of bullets and bombs. Rather the military is concerned about the vulnerability it faces when moving supplies of fuel across dangerous landscapes. One of the most dangerous jobs in Afghanistan is driving fuel convoys. There’s one seriously injured person every 24 missions. This may not sound very many, but when you have encampments all over the country, fuel must move even to remote outposts.

To cut down on the driving, renewable energy sources are being installed. The aim is to reduce the non-tactical use of fuel by 30% no later than the end of 2020. There are stories about Command Outpost Giro which had to use electric power from their Humvees to power their lights and cook food. Soldiers were then driving the Humvees around the camp during the night to recharge their batteries. Bases now have solar panel arrays. Interestingly, attacks on convoys have been reduced and, back home in America, some power companies are beginning to worry more local bases may switch to renewable energy sources. Until then, armored tanks will not be environmentally friendly vehicles but their services may be under lighting and in air-conditioned facilities powered by green sources.

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