Finding the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio

Ohio is among the 10 cheapest states in the United States for auto insurance coverage according the most recent National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) study from 2013. According to the 2016 annual study of state-by-state comparison, Ohio was actually the second cheapest state in the union at just $900 annual cost. How do you find the cheapest rates in Cleveland, Ohio?

Tips for Cheap Insurance in Cleveland

Before you explore the rates within your city or state, remember that averages are just statistics and your specific situation may vary wildly from these statistics.

In order to get the absolute best auto insurance rates, follow these 10 tips:

  • Explore every possible discount from insurers.

  • Keep a clean driving record without moving violations.

  • Get quotes from five to 10 insurers.

  • Buy a vehicle with extra safety features.

  • Buy a vehicle that is not on the state’s top 10 most stolen list.

  • Alert the insurer about your profession for a possible discount.

  • Notify your insurer about your excellent credit score.

  • Tell your insurer about your excellent GPA in college.

  • Pay for your insurance online or upfront for savings.

  • Switch insurers a month before it relapses for extra possible savings.

There are many tips to get the best possible rate for auto insurance, some are lifestyle driven and others are conscious choices you can make.

The Cheapest Auto Insurance in Cleveland

Cleveland, OHFinding the cheapest auto insurance can often be a frustrating task. Especially if you are not prepared to do some legwork; you may find that the rates you get quoted are higher than the average in your area. Find out why insurance quotes can range over hundreds of dollars and how to find the best quoting tools before you start.

Metrics of Cheap Insurance

When doing research on cheap insurance in Cleveland, you may notice that there are a lot of different statistics and opinions. The way different organizations quote cheap insurance or survey for cheap insurance can be radically different. As well, these surveys, blogs, news articles and collected statistics are gathered at different times. Although they are informative in providing a quick snapshot of insurance in Cleveland, they may not be the best answer for your specific situation.

For example, uses information from a Quadrant Information Services study conducted in 2014 and shows the average for car insurance against a number of metrics. These averages are provided for a number of specific data-points such as the cheapest insurance by state, by age, and by gender. When they conduct a survey they choose a couple “example drivers” which represent portions of Americans. Their example driver could be a middle-manager, young female, married without children and then use that to quote across the insurers. If you are not a young female or married, the cost may not apply to you.

The NAIC also puts out a report on insurance expenditures. Instead of polling insurers to get quotes the organization instead takes reports from every insurer and collates them according to the amount that policy holders spent on insurance per state and per policy type. This provides a clearer picture of what the average person spent in your state, but again may not apply, as your situation may be under or over the average.

Who is the Cheapest in Cleveland?

When the discussion of who is cheapest in Cleveland for auto insurance is debated, the answer may surprise you. Technically, for every type of driver the answer may differ. Your circumstances at the time at which you get a quote and any promotions currently underway by insurers all play a factor. This is why it is important to heed this information to understand if your quotes are within reason.

Average Cheapest Insurer in Ohio

According the Quadrant survey, Motorists Mutual, as of 2014 had the lowest average insurance at just $273 annually, followed by Erie at $290 and Grange Mutual at $324. This is a state wide average, which includes the cheapest and most expensive cities in the state, as well as rural areas. According to NAIC’s latest report, Ohio’s average expenditure on insurance was $738 annually, providing a sobering example of how quotes and actual expenditure can differ. You may decide to opt for more coverage based on the advice of your insurance agent or broker which often increases the cost.

Average Cheapest Insurer in Cleveland

Cleveland is the single most expensive city, on average, to insure a car in the state of Ohio at $505, 21% higher than the state’s average cost. Motorists Mutual was still the cheapest at $303, followed by Farmers at $363 and Merchants Insurance Group was $402. However, you need to take into account the type and amount of insurance you need in comparison to these averages and that your quotes will be one to two years removed from the most recent surveys or studies.

Remember to employ all the tools you can when trying to find the absolute best price for auto insurance in Cleveland, Ohio. Use multiple online quoting tools and call around for pricing from some of the local insurers that may not be included on national or state-wide online quoting tools. Giving as much information as possible may also result in better quote comparisons with better discounts.

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