Teachers and morality clauses


Many contracts of employment have conduct clauses which set minimum standards of behavior. The most common affect teachers. Some schools actually lift the standard by calling them morality clauses. Schools want teachers to be role models for the next generation. This obviously applies not only to their behavior inside the classroom. If their behavior attracts adverse publicity, their students may copy it which would be bad for society.

So here’s an American teacher who was so drunk, he blew off the breathalyzer scale. He’d been driving erratically, stopping and falling asleep at the wheel, then waking and continuing. When he stopped again, another driver took his keys and called the police. When the police woke him, he was incoherent and fell asleep while being driven to the police station. A month later, he was stopped again. This time, he had a passenger in the car. He was convicted of drunk driving in 2007.

So should he be terminated as a teacher? It was pure dumb luck he was not injured or killed. Should be be allowed to stand in front of a class and tell them how to think and behave?

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