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Posted On February 4, 2015By adminIn What's the news?

Competition between Google and Uber

It’s a matter of public record that Google was one of the sources of venture capital, giving $250 million when Uber was a start-up, and later making more capital available. That’s why Google is represented on Uber’s board by its chief legal officer David Drummond. But this investment and the position on the board are now under threat. It seems Google has begun to design a taxi-summoning app that would directly compete with Uber’s service. Except, Google’s app would summon one of its self-driving vehicles. But that’s still a conflictRead More
If you listen to Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber, the message is that they are a wonderful development for everyone wants to move from Point A to Point B within all our major cities. Yes, these new services are competition with the existing taxi services, but our great nation has always accepted that competition is inevitably good for the economy and the best for consumers. In a free market economy, competition brings down prices while guaranteeing the highest possible level of efficiency for the consumer. What’s not to like? Well, here’sRead More

Posted On August 13, 2014By adminIn What's the news?

Just what is fair competition

In one school of thought, there’s only one winner in any competition and it doesn’t matter how this victory was won. The ends justify the means. Yet when it comes to the safety of passengers using a taxi service or a shared-ride company, perhaps all competitors should be focused on providing the best services provided by properly insured drivers who have no criminal convictions. Hopefully the best service at the keenest price wins and passengers benefit from safe rides. Except it seems Uber is only interested in winning even thoughRead More

Posted On July 15, 2014By adminIn What's government doing?

Background checks

It’s always a good idea to start off articles like this with a reminder that background checks are not certain to catch people who might represent a risk. The best they can do is to narrow the field. Those who know there’s a background check may be deterred from applying for the job if they fear detection. But Edward Snowden passed routine checks both to move from one job to another, and then to move up the scale of confidence to gain access to increasingly “secret” data. Coming down theRead More

Posted On April 9, 2014By adminIn What's government doing?

What’s in a zip code?

When you see this headline, your first instinct is this must be about car insurance or whether the resale housing market has recovered in your area. Well, here’s a different reason to sing praises or curse depending on where you live. This is about the ride-sharing app provided by Uber and UberX. Yes, this app is proving to be a catalyst for all types of different discussion around the country. Let’s start with a simple thought. Over the years, cities have developed sets of sophisticated regulations to license and monitorRead More