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Samsung Safety Truck
Ever been stuck between a large tractor trailer truck on a single-lane highway? It’s the same unfortunate story for many a driver. The winding road and the size of the truck make passing the truck dangerous, yet the tedium of driving behind the truck drives a lot of people crazy; until now. Samsung Delivers Safety The new design from Samsung offers a great way to keep driver’s safer while attempting to pass or overtake these large vehicles. The technology includes a camera on the front of the truck and aRead More
The picture above shows the 2014 Chevy Silverado and demonstrates GM’s commitment to keep up with Ford. See review: GM is also upgrading the Sierra full-size pickup, hoping to build on total truck sales in 2012 of about 575,000 vehicles. Why do GM need to up its game? Because last year, Ford sold about 645,000 F-Series trucks. For a review of the Platinum F250 Superduty: Why do both manufacturers care about this section of the market? There are two reasons. Let’s start with the profit margin. They make about $10,000Read More