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Ford’s Drugged Driving Suit
The latest in Car Safety news is a weekly segment here at SafeCar.info enabling you to see what the largest issues about car safety are including recalls, new technology, breaking reports and studies; keeping you informed is what we are aiming to do. Tesla Recall a Good Move For an Auto Manufacturer that has a penchant for safety, the latest 90,000 vehicle recall of every single Tesla Model S on the road around the world is somewhat surprising. Simply because they issued the recall voluntarily from one defect found inRead More
One of the ways in which we Americans argue we have the best economy in the world is by pointing to our free markets. The theory says there’s complete openness between supply and demand. Sellers and buyers are free to agree prices and exchange money for goods or services. Government is not supposed to get in the way by passing laws unless something is interfering with the freedom of the market, e.g. the seller is a monopoly and gouging the buyers. Except, of course, the power of lobbies is sufficientlyRead More