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When a 54-year old grandmother and her 48 year-old friend were sitting in the bar enjoying yet another drink, there was a question lurking in the back of their minds. How were they going to get home? Neither of them were in a fit state to drive and more drinks were expected. So they did what any responsible adults would do. They designated one of the party as the sober driver. You might wonder why there should still be one of their party still sober. The answer is he wasRead More
If parents had any choice, they would never allow their teens behind the wheel of a car. Traffic accidents are the main cause of death for teens overtaking all other natural causes through illness. In 2010, some 3,700 aged between 16 and 19 were killed on our roads and about 280,000 were hospitalized for treatment. If you take the age group from 15 to 24, they represent less than 15% of the population, but are responsible for causing about 30% of the cost of treatment in the whole health careRead More
For those of you who live in a bubble cut off from the world of reality television, Kylie Jenner is best known for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This has made her a star, enabled her to become a model and a brand ambassador. In the latest episode of the show, she’s seen learning to drive her Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV. Despite her appearance, she’s only 15 years old and so cannot legally drive without an adult sitting beside her. This hasn’t stopped her from taking the car for what theRead More
America is a vast country and moving from one place to another is most convenient if you have access to private transport. Of course anyone with the money can buy their own vehicle but to drive it on the public roads, you need both a driver’s license and insurance. If you step back a few years, Eliot Spitzer suggested that all the illegal immigrants in New York should be allowed to get a driver’s license by producing a foreign passport as proof of identity. At that time it was estimatedRead More