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Perhaps it’s the weather. . . who knows! But Wisconsin has the worst record for binge drinking and drunk driving in America. So its lawmakers have been looking at the laws currently in place. They now believe these laws are too weak. They are not a deterrent. So they are working on a new bill which passed the Assembly on an 88-7 vote. It seems Republicans and Democrats can agree on some things. This bill which now goes to the Senate would make two changes. In every case, a secondRead More

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Upload selfies at your peril

When you’re young, nothing is too difficult and, if anything goes wrong, nothing bad is ever going to happen. That leads inexperienced drivers to take risks no-one reasonable would take. They eat and drink, read a map when they get lost, text to each other, and apply make-up so they will look good in the crash photographs. Ah, photographs. . . That’s the new word for distraction. There’s a new trend. It’s called taking selfies. Drivers hold out their smartphone cameras and take pictures of themselves driving. Just pause toRead More
America has a real problem when it comes to dealing with people who have mental health problems. There’s resistance to reporting those who are acting strangely. When families, friends, schools and workplaces should be actively monitoring for symptoms, everyone decides it’s not their business. This is an example of what’s wrong with this approach. Srijan Saha was fifteen-years-old from New Jersey. He had his driver’s license. After writing a suicide note on his arm, he got in his parents’ car, a 1995 Honda Civic. He kept going to build upRead More
Michigan boy on a crime spree

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Michigan boy on a crime spree

It seemed like a routine stop. There was a fourteen-year-old boy driving a 2001 Toyota Avalon. When the officers checked the plates, the car was stolen. A search revealed a mask and a hatchet. What, you might ask, was a boy doing with a mask and a hatchet? The answer is home invasions. This is not an ordinary boy. He’s apparently been responsible for breaking and entering, various thefts and, embarrassingly, bicycle larceny. Most of the time, it seems, he was less than ambitious, only stealing cigarettes, alcohol and cash.Read More
Many states have adopted Graduated Driver Licensing programs. On paper, these programs require parents to monitor their teens so they get essential experience before being allowed to drive on their own. The problem is that parents have been acting as taxi drivers for all the early years of their children’s lives and now prefer the idea of taking a rest. The result is wildly different responses when teens and their parents are surveyed. State Farm has just released a piece of research showing a high percentage of parents claim confidenceRead More
The Department of Transport in Iowa has decided to help parents keep their teens safer while driving. They are commissioning work to develop a new app that parents can download to their teens’ phones. It’s to be called TXTL8R and, as you might guess, it cuts off the phone once the app detects the vehicle is traveling at more than 15 mph. Driver safety is a reasonably high priority in Iowa and, in 2013, the risk of a crash while texting was 23 times greater. There were 679 traffic crashesRead More

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ADHD and driving is a deadly mix

The statistics have remained unchanged for the last ten years. The most common cause of death for teens is driving, i.e. the cause is avoidable. When young, people are inexperienced and can act impulsively. With hormones coming online, there are also plenty of distractions to think about. When you add in the new technology allowing teens to stay connected 24/7, the risks of a traffic accident rise fast. Now think about teens with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Just as these young adult struggle in school, their concentration when attempting toRead More
When a large corporation is about to launch a new product or service, it does test marketing, asking groups of actual customers for their view of the existing products or services, and asking whether this innovation will improve their experience. No business would dare risk upsetting its customers. That way lies bankruptcy. So why does this not work with law-making? In a sense it already happens but in a much more chaotic way. When a new bill is proposed, the news media alert the public and there’s a period ofRead More
Since the clubs for teen closed down through lack of support, there’s not been a lot for the young to do in Wichita, Kansas. So you have to picture this group of kids sitting around on a Saturday evening with nothing to do. “Hey,” says one, “my Mom’s got a car rental sitting outside our home and I’ve got the keys.” He’s twelve and the rabble-rouser. “The two fifteen-year-old are inspired by the thought of a little joyriding. The nine-year-old is just along for the ride. So with the twelve-year-oldRead More
As the medieval song says, “Summer is a-coming in, loudly sing. . .” There’s just one problem that parents know all too well. The death rate among teen drivers peaks during the summer months. This is actually not quite what you might expect, but enough of America avoids the snow and ice that make driving really dangerous, and the drop in temperature keeps more teens inside. So with the sun shining, they take the keys and head off who knows where to text and hang out with their friends. Except,Read More