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One of the skills every driver has to learn is 360 degree vision. Of course, this does not mean the driver literally has to have eyes in the back of his or her head. But there should be mirrors placed at such points the driver always has the option to see what may or may not be coming up alongside or behind. Forward viewing should be unobstructed and allow the driver the chance to anticipate possible sources of danger. Sadly, this is an error-prone process. There are always blind spotsRead More
When the drunken sixteen-year-old driver of the Ford F-350 took off, he had seven passengers. For the record, he was three times over the BAC limit. When he hit the group of pedestrians, he killed four. Two passengers who were on the bed of the pickup were thrown forward on to the road and were seriously injured: one has serious brain damage, the other has broken bones and internal injuries. Given these facts, the prosecutor asked for a jail sentence of twenty years. This seems eminently reasonable. But a defenseRead More

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Andrew Cuomo’s proposed law is craven

It sounds like good news for road safety when you hear Governor Andrew M Cuomo of New York State is proposing a new law to suspend the driver’s license of anyone under the age of 21 convicted of distracted driving. That would be a law with teeth. If enforced, it would offer a real deterrent to using any mobile technology while driving. But why does the Governor not want to suspend the driver’s licenses of all drivers convicted of distracted driving? A distracted driver is a menace to other roadRead More

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Seat belts save lives

Over the years, research has consistently demonstrated that the correct use of seat belts or appropriate child restraints is the easiest way to reduce the number of injuries in crashes and save lives. In a car, the combination of lap and shoulder restraints reduces the risk of serious injury by 50% and of death by 45%. If you are in a light truck, you reduce the risk of serious injury by 65% and of death by 60%. Fitting and using child restraints is even more effective in the youngest passengers,Read More

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Act when students come home for the holiday

They always say the article should get the technical stuff out of the way in the first paragraph so here goes. Insurance depends on the principle of good faith. There’s no way a representative can call round to inspect your vehicle every time you take out a new policy or renew. The relationship comes down to trust. That imposes a duty on all you policyholders. Every time there’s a change that affects the way in which the risk of a claim is assessed, you must tell the insurer immediately. So,Read More

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You can take a horse to water

The old proverb finishes, “. . .but you can’t make it drink”. So as in other cities in other states, Detroit has a problem with truancy. So here’s the question restated. If young adults decide not to attend school, what good will come from forcing them to physically enter the doors of the school? They will be bitter and resentful. They are not going to be in a mood to learn anything. No good will come from bullying them. Yet Democrat Andy Schor has just introduced two new bills toRead More

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A new spy to worry about (or not)

When a car insurance company has a good idea, it naturally goes all out to sell it. With the statistics showing teen drivers nine times more likely to kill themselves than older drivers, parents are being offered an app that enables them to monitor how the family car is being driven. Called DriveSafe, it works with a telematics device installed into the diagnostic port of any vehicle manufactured less than sixteen years ago. The app is then downloaded to the driver’s smartphone and it tracks how the vehicle is beingRead More
It’s always frustrating when laws are on the statute book but prosecutors refuse to use them. This has always applied to passengers in a car driven by someone who’s drink. It’s always been an offense for them to allow their friend to drive drunk. But, for some obscure reason, it’s unusual for the passengers to be charged. This may be about to change in Connecticut. Jane Modelesky crashed her SUV into a tree and was killed. Her blood alcohol concentration was three times the adult limit. Four teenagers had beenRead More

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Usage-based insurance is gaining acceptance

In a perfect world, insurance companies would always focus on the individual driver as the basis for calculating the annual premium rate. Rather than relying on the mass of statistics to make educated guesses on the risk of a claim being made, the insurer should assess how safely the insured drives. Until fairly recently, the only way for an insurer to monitor the quality of driving was for one of its agents to sit as a passenger. This is inefficient and, of course, the driver is only too aware ofRead More

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Laws change to save lives

When you look at the majority of laws, they are designed to reduce the situations in which people are likely to be injured. This reflects one of the most important duties of lawmakers. That they should act to protect people from harm even though this may inconvenience some citizens. It’s the old utilitarian justification that laws should maximize happiness and reduce suffering. So, for example, if too many people are being injured in a workplace environment, regulations will force a change to the processes to reduce the risk of injury.Read More