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When a motor manufacturer spends money on designing a new model, it always hopes for big sales. Sadly, not all designs are a success. Many models sit on dealers’ lots unsold. The manufacturer monitors sales performance. The measure is called the average days in inventory. The longer the time the model sits unsold, the less profit for the manufacturer and the dealers. This is not good news. Often millions of dollars in capital are tied up and not producing a return. When this happens, the dealers are reluctant to carryRead More
The question, of course, is what you do when you’re caught up in gridlock on your way to or from work. If you have to commute into or near a large urban area, you cannot fail to be aware of the dysfunction on the roads. So when you have time on your hands, but no chance to do anything other than watch the vehicles in front of and beside you, how do you pass the time? Some listen to the radio or play music but, after a time, even theseRead More
You’ve almost certainly seen the headlines. Americans are driving less. It’s the end of the world as we’ve known it as the young fall out of love with owning a vehicle. Yet, if that’s the case, why were there lines of vehicles bumper-to-bumper on all the major roads over the Labor Day weekend? If America is no longer driving as many miles, how come there are so many vehicles blocking our way? The answer, according to a new study titled The Car Connection, is you’re going to have to adjustRead More
Although people who respond to surveys are not always as honest as the surveyors would hope, over time trends appear. The more times opinions are sampled, the more obvious it becomes whether the replies are honest. In this case, the AAA has been asking Americans what they think about driving conditions. In this, it’s relevant to note the number of people killed in traffic accidents dropped over the five years from 37,435 in 2007 to 29,757 in 2011 with the total number of traffic accidents being relatively stable at aboutRead More
The most comprehensive recent overview was published by the US Department of Transportation in June 2012. You can find it here. It’s an analysis of the data from 2010. Let’s get the headline out of the way. That’s one person killed in a traffic accident every sixteen minutes. As a percentage of the population, that’s actually a significant improvement in the rate of fatalities, in part resulting from the increasingly high percentage of both drivers and passengers using seat belts. In the good old days, people were driving vehicles thatRead More

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Beware the drivers of blue BMWs

A recent survey has now formally confirmed what many already suspected. Middle-aged men driving blue BMWs are the most likely to lose their tempers and exhibit what experts politely call “aggressive behavior”. That means they drive a few yards behind you flashing their lights and honking their horns, gesticulating for you to get out of their way. Or they just change lane as if you should always give way or cut in front of your and check their brakes, forcing you as the trailing driver to slow rapidly to avoidRead More