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One of the tasks performed by government is to collect statistics about our behavior. It helps them form policies and gives the basis for new laws. Since 2003, there’s been a slow but steady increase in the number of women charged with DWI. Annually, this increase has been a little over 20% while the number of men charged has dropped by almost 17%. The statistics now show more women than men holder driver’s licenses. It’s also a fact there are more women in the force force. This gives them muchRead More

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Is singing a distraction?

In Wayne’s World, the driver and passengers don’t just sing. They give a performance to end all performances. Whether directly or indirectly, this movie identified a cultural phenomenon which, just a few years ago, produced the reality television show called Motormouth. This depended on “friends” provoking their friends to sing along to their favorite songs while driving. It’s conventional wisdom to treat everything connected with technology as a distraction and to dismiss many of the other activities as just part of a driver’s life, e.g. eating or drinking while behindRead More

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Annual premium rates keep rising

No matter what your point of view, it seems everything costs more each year. If you’re a consumer, you notice this because unless your pay also rises, it gets harder to make all the payments on your family budget. If you’re one of these corporations that the Supreme Court says are just like ordinary people, all the other corporations keep upping their prices so everything costs more. That’s why you have to increase your prices to help pay all the bills. That may seem a little abstract so let’s comeRead More

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What makes you tick?

One of the more fascinating research questions is what motivates consumers. We all have our preferences and prejudices. Some of these result in very predictable patterns of behavior. Other times, the way we behave is rather arbitrary. So it’s interesting to see the new report from TransUnion on how we shop for car insurance. As one of the credit reporting bureau, it has a very detailed database of all the transactions affecting auto insurance. For once, the data mining exercise taking information from 2009 through 2013 seems to have producedRead More
Both at a federal and state level, government is supposed to work in a way that makes sense. On one side of the equation sits all the tax dollars collected. On the other side are a set of competing claims for spending. In the middle sit our elected representatives. The theory says these are the wisest people we voters could find to represent us when it comes to deciding how to spend the money. It’s a shame it doesn’t quite work in the real world. The representatives get stuck inRead More

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Drive safely for Christmas

Politics is a strange “business”. For large parts of the year, what the politicians and interest groups say is ignored. Most of us don’t really care what the talking heads say because it doesn’t affect our everyday lives. But there are times when we pause and take a breath. The Christmas and New Year holiday period is one of those times. Whether you are a Christian, there’s a century and more tradition involved. We are more receptive to messages about health and family. Because both can be affected by theRead More

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Driving uninsured is a growing problem

When every state in the union has financial responsibility laws which either impose a mandate for drivers to buy car insurance or require drivers to prove their financial strength by posting a bond, it’s alarming to find the number of people driving without insurance rising steadily across the country. This is not a problem unique to America, of course. In Athens, Greece, the ex-Minister of Transport has just been arrested for driving his luxury car with fake license plates. To explain, Greece has been going through a serious recession and,Read More
Before our cellphones evolved to become smart, the number one killer on the roads was alcohol. Just to give you a measure, drunken driving kills thirty people a day. But now we’re discovered a new way to kill ourselves and others. It’s all down to accidents, of course. Accidents caused while we’re talking on the phone, texting and, now, webbing. It’s an alarming thought that Facebook has just become a killer. Indeed the more we log on to chat or tweet on Twitter or to upload selfies of ourselves toRead More

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Driving tests should be tougher

Let’s start off with the excuses first. America is a very large country and we drive large large models — we buy a vast number of pickup trucks even though we have little more than groceries to carry home from our shopping expeditions. To reduce the level of physical skill required to drive, almost all the makes and models now on sale are automatics. The few enthusiasts who want to wrestle with a stick shift and that extra pedal on the floor (what does it do, anyway?) have to importRead More

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Laws change to save lives

When you look at the majority of laws, they are designed to reduce the situations in which people are likely to be injured. This reflects one of the most important duties of lawmakers. That they should act to protect people from harm even though this may inconvenience some citizens. It’s the old utilitarian justification that laws should maximize happiness and reduce suffering. So, for example, if too many people are being injured in a workplace environment, regulations will force a change to the processes to reduce the risk of injury.Read More